All you need to know about our classes

Yoga makes this guesthouse brighter! We offer regular yoga classes from Monday to Saturday. Please check our schedule and book your spot to enjoy wonderful and inspiring classes, suiting beginners to seasoned yogis. Enjoy it in our indoor yoga shala or terrace. Come on in!


Timetable will be displayed soon – Offering 2 yoga classes per day

What should I know?

Here are a few notes for everyone to enjoy a mindful and tranquil class. Please note these were adjusted to Covid-19 precautions.

  • Prior booking is required. Please reserve your spot via ______ to secure your spot.
  • A maximum of 7-8 people are allowed in the terrace class.
  • Bring your own personal mat,or use one of ours using proper disinfectant.
  • Please make sure to come on time for your class. If this is your first time, try to come at least 15 minutes earlier.
  • The practice is in barefoot. Kindly place your shoes at the reception´s proper closet. There is also a changing room available.
  • During class, mobiles should be switched off or set in silent mode.
  • It is advisable to practice yoga with an empty/almost empty stomach. Avoid eating at least 2 hours before the class.

A bit more about Yoga

The practice of Yoga Asana (postures and movements), Pranayama (controlled breathing) and Meditation are wonderful tools to fine tune our balance. We become more aware of our own unique body and mind and bring out our best version.
It is also a beautiful introduction into the world of Yoga, with its many stripes and colours. It is up to us, individually, to decide how deep we want to dive in and from there let our Higher Self shine through.
Feel free to take what serves you best.


Our Yoga Teachers

Yoga Instructor
Cátia is a ``lisboeta``, meaning born in Lisbon. She enjoys teaching yoga with a focus on breathing techniques and mindfulness. She was certified in India, having traveled to Thailand and Australia where she took wellness training courses, including massage therapies. Cátia believes cultivating yoga is a profound body, mind and soul expression, while the Universe and the alignments of the planets and stars influence each one of us. She teaches Hatha, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation and also leads meditative walks.
Yoga Instructor
Kimma simply loves teaching Yoga! With several yoga teacher training courses from the US and Thailand, she is an experienced instructor teaching Hatha, Gentle Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and other styles. In her classes, you will be able to learn new insights on yoga philosophy and history and her own life experience. Originally from New Jersey, Kimma lived in Chiang Mai before moving to Portugal, attracted by the sunny weather and the beautiful sea in Estoril coastal area. She is also a certified Thai massage therapist, able to provide both relaxing and vigorous massage treatments.
Yoga Instructor
Freedom and it's infinite possibilities. This is what best describes Cathrine's lifestyle approach. Born in Norway, the land of the magical dark nights and memorable auroras, Cathrine brings in her own mystical, enticing aura into her classes, exploring the edges of the best version of ourselves. Her Vinyasa classes are challenging and vigorous. Practicing yoga since she is 15 years old, yoga is a beautiful journey in body, mind, and spirit where there is no goal, only awareness. She did her teaching training in Sweden, having years of experience in Norway, Southern Europe, including Portugal, where she is living for the last few years.
Yoga Instructor
Silvia loves teaching Slow Flow and Hatha, gentle approaches to the Yoga asanas that focus on body alignment and self-awareness. She has a soothing melting voice and an inspiring filled with grace yoga practice. She is also leading House of Zen's outdoor meditative walks, offering new paths of well-being, mindfulness, and connection among all living beings. Silvia was born in Portugal but grew up and lived most of her life in California. She was trained as a yoga instructor in the US and has since then taught in Portugal exploring different styles and approaches to yoga practice.
Yoga Instructor
For Maryam yoga started just after a long stay volunteering as a nurse in India. She fell in love with yoga once she started practicing Ashtanga in the Netherlands, never stopped practicing, became an instructor and already went back to India a few times. She realized that integrating yoga into her daily life was an incredible way to cope with stress and negative. Born in Iran, Maryam grew up in Germany and lived several years in Maastricht. She teaches Ashtanga in the traditional style, while in Vinyasa she loves to be creative, work in the details of the postures and see how far students wish to go.
Yoga Instructor
Coco is inspired by the brightness and colors of the rainbow! She was born French, but lived in London and also in South America, before moving to Portugal. Yoga changed her life profoundly when she was 20 years old, making her want to be a yoga teacher and pursuit her own yogi path. Certified in Hatha and Vinyasa, you can feel how passionate she is during her classes, while at the same time her tranquility and positive energy drive you throughout the practice always accompanied by her beautiful smile.

Soon reopening in Cascais town!

We are getting ready to reopen our Yogastudio and Guesthouse this summer! House of Zen is a 10 minute walk from the Cascais Market, close to the beach and town center, just 3 km away from the previous location in Estoril. We will offer you again our usual zen ambiance, with amazing yoga classes and workshops, wellness therapies and beautiful accommodation. 

Stay tuned for the exact date that we can welcome you here, or join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team!

Thank you! We will keep in touch

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